New year, new project?

Mega cross stitch? String Art? Weaving?

I’m not quite sure about 2014 yet.  It seemed to sneak up on me when I wasn’t quite ready.  Not like 2013, that just couldn’t come quick enough.  Normally by now I am starting to crack under the pressure of at least one of my resolutions (usually related to depriving myself of life’s good things). But this year I’m feeling a little behind the eight ball – I haven’t even finalised my resolutions yet.  What I have decided is that I’m better at goal oriented resolutions …. so I thought I would share a few of the things inspiring me that might just might make it to a 2014 project list (if I ever do finish the 2013 list….).

Mega cross stitch. Check out this amazingness fom Belgium designer Charlotte Lancelot for Gan Rugs.

String Art.  I’m a little worried that adding string art to macrame might just be a little too 70’s, even for me.  But once again, it’s all about scale, context and the modern take on an old craft.  Check out these fab chairs by Jessica Carnevale.

But when it comes to string art you really can’t go past Janet Echelman.  This woman’s work is really quite mind blowing.  Now this is string art….




Hand woven wall hanging.  I am coveting one of these at the moment….The first one below is by Maryanne Moodie (as featured in the design files earlier last year) and the second by Justina Blakeney.


In the mean time, I’m off to keep working on a few more of those things left over from the 2013 list before I get too carried away, including finishing my mega knitting project,  making the macrame wall hanging in my head that belongs on my lounge room wall and some more experimenting with knitting with rope.  Hope to share the labours of my love soon.

Kirst xxx


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