Top Picks for Hanging Plants

Lot of people have been asking for advice on the best plants for our macrame or beaded plant hangers.  While anything really does go – here’s a few tried and tested old faves to look out for, alongside our recommended hangers.  Stay tuned for more top picks soon, including our fave climbers and our fave succulents to keep you inspired.  Kirst xxx



Syngonium (Arrowhead vine)

knot studio tips: Great for the bathroom, these beauties love a bit of humidity and can tolerate low light conditions.

recommended hangers: A great match for the beaded plant hangers.




Nephrolepis (Boston Fern)

knot studio tips: Macrame and Boston ferns go together like a horse and carriage.  Totally 70s – but in a great way.  These babies love indirect light (not full sun) so they are perfect for a bright indoor spot.  But they do need to stay moist (don’t let them dry out) and prefer humidity (so don’t go well near heating vents).

recommended hangers: We love these with fresh and modern white macrame plant hangers to contrast their really bright green colour.  Perfect for either the Loop or Criss Cross or the cotton White Macrame plant hanger.




Dichondra (Kidney weed)

knot studio tips: check out the silver variety (dichondra argentea or “silverfalls”) – our current fave look for outdoors.  They love a bit of sun but keep them moist in a well drained soil.

recommended hangers: Set off the silver variety with any of the black macrame hangers.  And don’t go worrying about the pot – it will be covered in no time at all.




String of pearls Senecio rowleyanus (String of Pearls)

knot studio tips: Needs a bright spot with some direct sun.  Doesn’t like soggy feet – so water thoroughly and then allow to dry out between watering.

recommended hangers: It’s delicate form is perfect for the thinner beaded plant hangers.  Looks gorgeous in a white pot with white string or natural leather.




maiden hair fern


knot studio tips: Likes a brightly lit indoor spot or shaded outdoor spot.  Keep moist and out of draughts.

recommended hangers: It’s beautiful soft foliage looks great with the embrace hanger.

Diamonds delivered

Had a great day on Saturday.  Finally got to deliver my latest commission – a huge 3m long hanging designed for a staircase in my client’s Port Melboure home.  Given I don’t have a 3m staircase – it was wonderful to finally see this piece in its full glory!  The perfect solution for a tricky spot.    So happy it worked out well.


Diamond Rain Fitting  Diamon Rain Fitting

Fluoro Fun

Have to say that when fluoro came back I didn’t think I would go there.  But in the end how can you resist such brightness?  I loved the great colours of these strings and they even enticed my 6 year old back into tying a few knots with mum.  Also seem to have driven my 12 yr old niece a bit knotty… but check out the results below.  Way to go Abby – love it!  Glad to be spreading the macrame love down the generations.

Abbey Bright hanging in fluoro nylon string

Abby Bright hanging in fluoro nylon string

Must get onto knotting a few of these bright joys for the shop.  Maybe I’ll get Abby on the job….

White Calm

Since tackling Hoot and realising how satisfying it was to work with big rope, I couldn’t wait to try a wall hanging.  This one was a birthday pressie for my gorgeous sister and I have to say I found it a little hard to part with once it was done!  I guess I’ll just have to try another.  Stay tuned…..

white calm 4

white calm 2

white calm 1




White Calm

1m wide by 1.5m long (including hanger)
6mm cotton cord
Commissioned work


Hoot 5

Meet Hoot.  He’s a little bit special because he was the inspiration behind the knot studio.  It all began with a flashback to the making of a macrame owl in primary school, a bit of googling and some scouting around for old macrame patterns.  Hoot was based on this simple pattern, with a few variations and a bit of trial and error along the way.  He was also inspired by this amazing piece of mega macrame by Andy Harman – but it wouldn’t quite have fitted in the lounge room!


Hoot 1

Thanks HOOT.


1300 x 800
6mm cotton cord and polypropylene
Hoot (handmade to order, $329)


By the Sea

By the sea 1

I have a little thing for turquoise.  So I just couldn’t resist this fabulous material when I saw it.  We were lucky enough to spend Easter by the beach with family so I took the chance to knot a little by the sea.  I think this one will have to make it back to the beach house as a thanks for having us, but I can’t wait to play with some more colours soon.


By the sea 2 by the sea 3

by the sea 6

By the Sea

turquoise yarn, found stick and natural beads
400 (not including the stick) x 1000 (including the hanger)